The Hero's Journey Paradigm

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The Hero's Journey has been employed in stories since time immemorial. These stories strike archetypal chords to which we can all relate.

Taken from Myth and the Movies and The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, the general structure is as follows:

Act I - Separation
Ordinary World
   The audience meets the hero in the ordinary world.
Call to Adventure
   The Hero receives the Call to Adventure, a challenge, a quest, or a problem that must be faced.
Refusal of the Call
   The Hero expresses fear and is Reluctant or Refuses the Call.
Meeting the Mentor
   A Meeting with the Mentor provides encouragement, wisdom, or magical gifts to push the Hero past fear and doubt.
Act II - Descent
Crossing the Threshold
   The Hero finally accepts the challenge and Crosses the Theshold into the Special World.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
   The Hero learns about the Special World through Tests, encountering Allies and Enemies.
Approach the Inmost Cave
   The Hero makes the final preparations and Approaches the Inmost Cave.
The Ordeal
   The Hero endures the Ordeal, the central crisis in which the Hero confronts his greatest fear and tastes death.
   The Hero enjoys the Reward of having confronted fear and death.
Act III - Return
Road Back
   The Hero takes the Roak Back and recommits to completing the Journey.
   The Hero faces the climactic ordeal that purifies, redeems, and transforms the Hero on the Threshold home.
Return with Elixir
   The Hero Returns with the Elixir to benefit the Ordinary World.

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